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Welcome to a home of ebooks that are both the best in quality and absolutely free. The best in quality? At present, well over 2000 other sites worldwide are serving LimpidSoft pdf books, which suggests that other book distributors are impressed with the quality. (Incidentally, there have been suggestions on the Web that LimpidSoft is associated with other sites. This is simply not true.)

But why free? I am fortunate enough not to need to charge for my books. From the start, my primary interest has been in developing software to reprocess books that were already available free from the wonderful Gutenberg sites, to process them specifically for ebook readers (of the many different formats) and to produce books that are of much better quality than many that are commercially available. The books on this site are the result.

No. There is no charge and no requirement for registration. Perhaps, if you read many of my books, you might spare a thought for the less fortunate on our planet. Perhaps, too, you might consider a small donation to any charity (of your choice) that is attempting to improve literacy and education in the third world.

Free Software

The software for creating the LimpidSoft PDF books is now available for free download. It is free in every sense: no charge and no license problems (released under the GNU General Public License, any version).

To use the software, you need to have a system with two software packages installed:

To clarify your thoughts, you might look at a system overview. Then, if you are interested in using it, download a zip file with a full working environment. Expand it in your home directory and get started!

It really is free!

John Redmond
Sydney, Australia.

Recommended Page Formats

LimpidSoft provides a range of quality free ebooks.
The options are:

Page Formats in eBabel: An Overview

eBooks in eBabel: The Choices

Given the differing display sizes and aspect ratios, an overarching issue in producing ebooks is the question of how to obtain quality display of any book on any reader, regardless of the aspect ratio. There are two broad options:

The LimpidSoft Books: The Sources

Shakespeare's Plays

For all Shakespeare scholars and enthusiasts, the First Folio of 1623 occupies a special place, and is now available as a text file from Project Gutenberg (EBook #100). This is indeed a great asset, but it has one big disadvantage: it is plain text, with no real styling.

LimpidSoft provides several of the most popular plays as PDF files, with further plays in prospect.

Children's Books

It is a pleasure to acknowledge that Project Gutenberg provides, in HTML format, most of the well-loved stories of Beatrix Potter. An important part of the Potter stories is the relationship between the images and small fragments of text, which can be difficult to achieve in HTML. LimpidSoft provides PDF versions of some of the most popular stories in A5 format---ideal for display on-screen and on handheld devices.